Strategic Intent

We strive for greatness.


To deliver quality service that captivates the confidence of the customer and the end-user, and pride ourselves as leaders in our field.


To attain a greater market share in the mining industry and position our company as a global leader in the mining industry.


We believe that we can assist in reducing costs for the end-user by delivering on time, providing quality products and service through our tested and invaluable expertise and knowledge in the business which has been in operation for the last 12 years. Our management staff has a collective experience of 40 years in the business.

We deliver O.E.M. type quality products that have been reverse engineered, imported and improved to meet customers’ needs with a full 6 months warranty after installation of all sub-assemblies, new parts and repairs. O.M. Trading, therefore, resolves to maximize business efficiency for our clients through the following:

• Speedy delivery
• Offering excellent customer service

• Quality products
• Proactive customer advice

• Adherence and compliance with technical

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Head Office

Unit 3, 14 Vuurslag Ave, Spartan,

Kempton Park, 1619